Sunday, March 11, 2012

the (hopefully) obvious

It is no longer February.
We are no longer in Germany.
I stopped caring about blogging for our trip right about Germany.
Other things have eclipsed the trip in importance.
We are not on our trip.
We are still alive.
We still love you (whomever you are), and want you to know about our lives.
Maybe this blog isn't the quickest place to get that.
That's ok.

In honor of further disclosure, however, some less-than-obvious things:
Candace is more than happy to talk about that other thing (or person) going on in our lives now.
This means that Josh has to listen about it a lot.
Josh is a very patient man. (this could be fairly obvious depending on how much you see us interact)
Candace is slowly becoming a more patient woman as projects that used to take a few hours now take her sev-er-al days (weeks?).
Let's hope this doesn't apply to sanctification as we both seem to need more wisdom/maturity/faith than seems realistic to expect now.
God is still good. (mentally stick this one in the obvious list)
God's goodness somehow covers all of the obvious and hidden shortcomings of His people. (ditto)

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