Friday, February 10, 2012

and without any further ado...


Well ok, to be fair we did stop in Japan first...

But then after a really long plane ride (no photo can capture that!) we woke to this sight and knew that our next stage of travel had begun.

Now I could go into how we spent our first day with lovely cousins over here. Or how they sacrificially put us up in their house.

Or even how our second day here we ventured forth and found a cool palace and square and stuff...

But I'd rather just skip context right now and blaze into today's (Friday's) destination, because it. was. awesome.

Readers, meet Heidelberg Castle.

Were we geeking out the entire time? Yes we were.
And are we now happy, tired, and ready for bed? Yes indeed!


  1. Awesome castle! Lovely cousins! Love you - glad you kids are having a wonderful time!!!

  2. This is lovely! I'm enjoying your world travels :) Miss you guys!!

    ~Sarah Mc (and yes I'm using your lovely account you created ;) it's the only way I can comment on blogs!)

  3. I thought I recognized you, student 4! I think I had a class with you at some point in time. ;)