Tuesday, September 20, 2011

ANOTHER coffee post?!

A friend pointed out to me after the last installment** that one CAN actually make coffee at home. I mumbled something about not wanting to clean up any more dishes, but I also failed to mention to him just how waterlogged my brain can be in the morning when I get up. Case in point: this morning when I came to, I was walking around the house sipping normal tap water with a depressed looking little bag in it.

In my somnambulist state, I had skipped the whole heat-up-the-water part of the coffee making process. Dufus.

**which incidentally freaked me out a little that someone other than Esther does actually read this blog - what if there are others?! What if they think I'm a dufus or a crazy lady?!?! Oh wait, they already knew that. Phew.


  1. I admit to reading your blog. And somnambulist is an awesome word.

  2. May I just say that coffee posts are definitely a necessity on a blog entitled "Staying Bright", because there are times when coffee is a necessity for staying bright . . . like now for instance.
    On a completely different note, you drink coffee made with tea-bag-things? What?

  3. They're called coffee singles, dearest. They are for the very waterlogged and the very lazy.

  4. On the subject of buying drinks when you could make them at home - where's the fun in that?