Saturday, January 21, 2012

somewhere in the world... it's bed time

Back in the US for another 100 minutes.
The last 24 hours (or was it the last 32??) have been good but a bit grueling. We woke up Friday morning in Ireland, hopped on a plane for JFK and managed to time travel some, a 5 hour flight that left after 11a.m. plopped us down in the US at only 2. But by the time we got to our apartment at 9 that night we were dead tired. We popped up at 6:30 this morning (it was almost lunch time in Ireland!), did laundry, re-packed, and bundled back to Indy at 11 to start our trip to China. When we popped in to pick up something from the Bright seniors my father-in-law asked how we were doing and I replied with what I realized is the motto of both the past and future few days for us: "Somewhere in the world it is bed time!"

But we'll be fine. They'll take good care of us on this upcoming flight from Detroit to Beijing, and when we land our friend will be there to meet us.
And by then it'll be midnight in China. I only hope I can sleep...

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