Thursday, December 22, 2011

This is a post for my hubby. After expecting to get home today he now has to sit in Cleveland for another 24 hours. Disappointing.

So since he couldn't be here to patiently trail after me as I bumble around Lafayette I decided to document my bumblings and put them here. Small consolation to be sure, but it makes me feel less far from him when I know he'll see the apartment just like I saw it.

That doesn't mean that the rest of you have to drag yourself through such mundanities, but consider yourself duly warned.

Spent the last couple of nights at the parents' and just got home. 
Yup. Apartment's dirty. 

When I came to unlock the door, it felt already unlocked. My inner Sherlock (or is it my inner paranoid little girl?) was instantly on guard. What if there's a person in my apartment?! So I did what any sensible paranoid person would and, armed with my keys as my only weapon, went to investigate every room.

 The only room not immediately visible from the outside is our master bathroom. I had to bravely walk over and just stick my head in to see if there was anyone hiding around the corner. (In all honesty, it did actually take me a couple of tries to work up the guts. Alas you over-active imagination...)

Ah HA! 
Phew. No one.  

Once my search was through I looked up to see the stuffed snowman grinning at me. Silly me, he saw the whole thing and just smiled at my goofiness. Oh well. If you can't be honest around a stuffed snowman, who can you be honest around?! 

It was when I knew that danger was past that I noticed just how dirty the apartment was.

 It made me feel bad. 

 Luckly, we got a couple of Christmas cards to cheer me up. 

Thanks Grandma and Aunt Chris!

Danger had also caused me to forget how groggy I was still feeling. Hmm.

 Coffee would be awful nice.

 Gotta have some!!!

But then thoughtful contemplation took over... 

My mind flickered over to a silly part of an airplane safety video where some woman waves her finger at you like you're a two-year-old. No Candace, noooooo coffee!!
And oddly, I didn't make any! 
Out the door with me!

Do I actually walk like that? Duh! No! But it's fun to play with the 2 second timer on my camera, so I did.

At the door to the building I noticed another suspicious piece of evidence. A cart! Probably a handyman cart! Maybe this was the reason my apartment was unlocked! 
(or maybe it was, uh, my imagination) 

Away with me. 

I thought it'd be very clever to snap shots of my drive over, and got this one of a disturbance in the roadway... 

And this one of the disturbance behind me. 
However, after nearly, um, bumping a couple of cars 
I concluded that it was decidedly un-clever for me to try to photo and drive at the same time. So I stopped.

 Oh library, few places make me as happy as you do! So many books, in once place, for free!

It's enough to put a sly Tuppence smile on my face. 

After the library I remember in the nick of time that there's a supper sweet coffee joint just a few blocks away. Off to the Java Roaster for interwebs!

 And since it's silly to surf on an empty stomach, I managed to purchase one of the BEST cinnamon rolls that I have had in ages. What kind providence! 

Now I know what you're thinking. Candace! No coffee, remember?! But dear friends this is completely different coffee. This is a coffee that is required since I'm getting interwebs and must patronize the establishment while doing so. Besides, this is a decidedly smaller cup of coffee than I would have made at home. So there.

I found a cozy corner next to the window where our county courthouse could be seen out the window. 

And then to blog, and here we are!

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