Wednesday, November 16, 2011

post scriptum

I. can't. believe. it's. done.

And man, I was going to write this long emotive post about how much I've learned through the thesis writing experiment (well, ok, that was a typo, but I'm going to leave it, cause... it's still kindof an experiment at this point), but I'm not sure I have learned much yet. And then I was going to write about how all my friends, and my parents, AND MY HUSBAND were super supportive beyond my mind's comprehension. Because they have been

But wow, this strange phenomenon happened as soon as I pulled up blogger (and no I'm not talking about the phenomenon where I've lost every ounce of adult internet courtesy and have been over-exaggerating like it's middle school again). Nope. It was my eyes, frankly my who head hurt as soon as I started trying to type words on a computer screen again. 

The support has been great, the thesis.... meh, GOD has been glorious and wonderful and totally-in-controle like normal.
Aaaaand now I'm going to turn the computer off, eat cookies, and read Jane Austen. 

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  1. YAHOOO!! I've been praying and hearing updates from your mom! Congrats my friend!