Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Honestly, I haven't been a very fun person to be around this month. Sure I can pull together a smile long enough to get through a few hours, but see me long enough (as my poor hubby has to) when I'm lost in thought, or working on my thesis and it's easy to find that glum look on my face. My thesis has indeed enjoyed some bursts of added content recently, but I'm still cutting it close to get it done on time next month, and the contemplation of all that's left to do and of the way I've unfaithfully used my time is enough to make me crumple. I mean let's be frank, if I squander enough time this thing will never actually get done. Ever.

So as I sat down to write just now and prepared to again have to face these dismaying cogitations another thought somehow come to mind.

You know what? God has been faithful throughout this whole process. In the face of dismaying bungling and laziness, He hasn't missed a beat. And that, my friends, is something to hold on to today.

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