Thursday, March 3, 2011

silly me

Of the many silly things that a person like me can do (and there are lots of them!) one of the silliest seems to be making things harder on myself than they really are. Two examples from today:

1) silly paper
I spent the greater bulk of today trying to get my mental gears going on a paper due tomorrow (or by now, today… I guess). Churning out a paper is no new thing for me, but I was nervous about this one because I didn't feel like I knew exactly what I was doing here. I kept going over the assignment sheet becoming confused and confuseder (yup, my own invention) at the different categories within the paper and how I was going to divide all of my information into them. Finally in the evening I left for a Biblestudy (much pleasanter than school!) with the discouraging realization that I wasn't much closer to my goal of finishing the paper than when I started, hours before. 
When I came back, rather than hopping back on my confusion treadmill I decided to "give up" trying to figure out what I was supposed to do, and just start writing stuff. And you know what happened? The paper just came flowing from my fingers into the keyboard, and right now there is every hope that I'll get it done in reasonable time tomorrow.

2) silly food
Since I was thus occupied with paper writing I didn't really pay attention to my food intake today. And since I didn't notice being particularly hungry (like I usually am!) I figured that I was doing alright in this area. During the afternoon, however, a random pain started flaring up in the side of my neck. This often happens when I'm dehydrated, so I just drank lots of liquids and paid it no nevermind (clearly, I'm feeling colloquial tonight). But rather than going away this nasty little pain kept getting worse until I had trouble swallowing and was worried that something serious was happening. I even asked my husband about it over the phone... What was that? Was I having an allergic reaction? Was I sick? Our combined conjecture lent no conclusive prognosis to the matter and again I was forced to give up trying to fix it and just come home and eat dinner. 
And you know what happened again? After dinner (which upon reflection I realized was my first real meal of the day!) the mysterious swelling went down. I wasn't dying. I was just hungry. 

Silly me. 


  1. Well here I go commenting again (I'm a compulsive commenter) and what I have to say is ...


  2. Hey Brights:) Nice blog! And Candace, don't worry we all have our silly moments. Btw, we Cerbi would love to get together with you!